Zinc Oxide, Nanotechnology and Cosmetics

A recent report about a group of researchers in NTU, Singapore, caught my attention and I decided to write something about nanotechnology in the cosmetics industry. The article, titled “Nano-sized chemical in sunscreen, cosmetics, could cause cancer, say scientists,” was published November 29th on Yahoo News. A while after that, another group of researchers came up and said that this isn’t true and that it isn’t a cause for concern. So what should we believe?

Nanotechnology isn’t new but it is a term that has been recently brought up time and again to raise awareness amongst the general public. People who have never heard of the term prior to recent months think that this is a great deal in the world of cosmetic research. And actually, it is. But not just in cosmetics and beauty. I find it highly ironic that the field of beauty and personal care should seemingly be the one that generates the most speculation and interest in nanotechnology because nanotechnology itself is extremely useful in many other areas of science as well. Cosmetic companies make use of this term to entice potential customers by making their products sound technologically advanced. What people don’t realise is that nanotechnology is making waves too, in the field of biomedical science, such as finding a cure for cancer and treating illnesses via the non-invasive way.

In the article mentioned above, a group of scientists are telling us that zinc oxide in the nano form could be harmful and cause cancer. Now this could scare many people off beauty products that contain zinc oxide and while we could ask sales assistants whether these oxide particles are nano-sized, the chances are that they wouldn’t know for sure. Yet, I say this is hardly any cause for concern. Firstly, the researchers are still in the initial stages of their research. This means that any findings they have are not substantial enough to warrant zinc oxide to be labelled as carcinogenic. Secondly, if you do some research on your own, you’ll find that past scientific research have shown zinc oxide in the nanoparticle form to be anti-tumour agents targeting cancerous cells 1,2,3. So the real question should be: What is the difference between the various groups of cancer-causing and cancer-targeting nanoparticles of zinc oxide?

Because the research is not finished, experimental procedures cannot be revealed. What I’d like to know is why the scientists are announcing their current findings when the research has not yet been completed. Here they are, telling the world that zinc oxide could be cancer-causing and could be harmful. That’s something like me telling you that chocolate cake you’re about to eat could be contaminated and cause diarrhoea but that more people would have to eat it for us to know for sure (assuming I ate it and I had diarrhoea but I could just be lactose-intolerant). Perhaps they’re really excited about their current results but don’t go around telling people things you aren’t 100% sure of yet. Why are these oxides causing cells in cell cultures to multiply and why are the oxides in Hanley’s and Wang’s studies doing the exact opposite? Is it the synthesis method? Delivery method? Variants in shape and size of the nanoparticles? Dosage? What are the differences in the intra- and intercellular interactions?

While nanotechnology in beauty products is a very interesting topic, and one that I can possibly write endlessly about, consumers have got to be more aware on their part of the properties of such ingredients and their capabilities where concerned. It can never be a bad thing to find out more about the things that you’re putting on yourself, whether it’s the latest liquid foundation or eye cream.

Beauty and Blueberries

Natural and organic beauty products have been leaving their mark. Ingredients, such as natural essential oils, have been used to enhance the skin and reverse again effects. Fruit is especially popular in wholesale cosmetics.

The blueberry is an amazing choice to have in beauty products. It has antioxidants in it that get rid of free radicals on the skin. Free radicals are what cause your skin to age.

Blueberries are a great source of vitamins. They are particularly equipped with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps with beauty because it promotes skin cell removal, which is essential for healthy skin.

Blueberries are used a lot in wholesale cosmetics because they have both vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C and antioxidants together can do a great job of preventing wrinkles naturally. Blueberries are also consumed in the diet as a healthy fruit choice.

Blueberries are included in a lot of wholesale cosmetics. You can also make up your own cosmetics to use. There are plenty of recipes online that incorporate blueberries, such as body wash and face masks.

Blueberries are great for homemade recipes. An inexpensive, popular option is to put blueberries, oats, honey and almonds. Blend together in a blender and make a paste to apply to your face. This facial really improves the appearance of the face.

The recipe listed above can also make a great body scrub. When blending, instead of making a paste you leave things choppier. A body scrub really helps to exfoliate dead skin.

Blueberries being used in wholesale cosmetics is a wonderful idea. They are very beneficial to the field of beauty. Blueberries are very helpful in making your dreams of looking beautiful become a reality. They are a healthy and natural way to look and feel your best, and that can boost your spirits as well.

How To Age Gracefully, Healthily, Beautifully And Vibrantly

There are a variety of simple things we can do to age gracefully, beautifully and healthily. We can choose to eat a healthy diet, include protein in every meal. We can stimulate our senses; indulge in the sensuous odor of lavender for instance.

We can choose to attain a healthy weight loss if we are overweight. Study the issues that effect women’s health.

Practice natural skin care. One of the biggest issues is dry skin. Learn how to smother your skin with natural anti-aging vitamins and anti aging cosmetics. Don’t just smear the cheapest available creams and cosmetics on your face.

Learn how to be stress free. Or, at least learn how to control stress. And be happy. Happiness is not a gift; it is not a given talent. Happiness needs to be pursued. Go after it; make it your own. Grab it! Seriously, you can choose to be happy. It is your ability to do this. And, you will live longer and healthier.

There are common agers: insulin, cortisol and human growth hormone.

Dr Barry Sears has written much about these hormones and how you can control them naturally. Check out his books from the library. He is an expert in the hormone field.

Free Radical Damage.
Free radicals are molecules that destabilize oxygen. The can enter the body by the air we breathe, the food we eat, and even our own bodies creates them. They attach to our cells and they do to our cells what the air does to a peeled fruit that we see turned brown.

And let’s face it. Life itself will have its toll on us.

So, let’s counteract these agers. Let’s fight back.
First, make health, fitness your daily objectives. Eat a healthy diet. You do not have to go overboard, just be in control. Omega 3 is a known anti aging natural supplement. It is also great for “heart health.”

Manage your stress.
Walk more! Take baths in sensuous smells. Drink green tea. And, do not be stingy with protein. Just make sure it is not high fat protein. Try many of the new soy products available. If you can afford it, go for a massage every now and then.

Make sure you get enough vitamin B6 and B12. Lavender is known to be an anti stress herb. And, it has a terrific smell.

Exercise is so important. Fitness! The more fit, the less stress, the less aging will have its effect on us.

Sleep! Make sure you get enough sleep. This is so important. Not just in bed at a good time, but strive for a fitful sleep.

Take the time to make yourself a plan, a system if you will. Map out your plans for:

Healthy Diet

Exercise and Fitness

Vitamin Supplements

Herbal Supplements

Anti Stress

Drink your 8 glasses of water day

See your doctor regularly

Try and control your numbers naturally, like blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol and thyroid. If you can’t, then do research on the drugs that are available and also the natural remedies that are available. Take control; be involved in your health care starting right now. The best you can do for yourself is to know enough to understand what your doctor will be discussing with you.